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Why Gift Hampers are the Perfect Corporate Present

gift hamper sydney

Why Gift Hampers are the Perfect Corporate Present

We usually think of gift hamper Sydney as a gift best given to our close relatives and friends. They are in fact highly popular gifts at baby showers, weddings, birthdays, and during Christmas, Easter and other special occasions throughout the year, when we can bless our loved ones with a personalised gift that reflects their passions and their personality.

But they are increasingly popular as a business gift, that is given from a service provider or other business to its clients, in recognition of their loyalty and to celebrate the partnership that the two businesses have struck up together.

In this article, The Sweet Box will explore why gift hampers are such a good gift to give to your clients and look at some of the ways you can customise a hamper so that it is warmly received by a professional partner.

1. Gifts make a professional relationship more personal.

The workplace has increasingly changed, in line with broader changes in the world, such that nowadays, a lot of business relationships are impersonal. Social media and the internet have increasingly made face-to-face interactions a thing of the past, meaning that half of the time we cannot put a human face to the businesses we are dealing with. This makes those we work with more anonymous and does not foster the stronger emotional connection that has traditionally resulted in productive, long-lasting business relationships.

By giving a gift, especially a gift which has been personalised, for example one which includes custom cookies or personalised cookies Sydney, a business can show the human character behind the corporate face. Upon receiving a gift from your business, a client will experience a range of positive feelings and recognise the expression of gratitude. They will see the gift as one of many perks of working with your business but more importantly, it will foster a deeper emotional bond and lead to a more enduring partnership.

2. Giving gifts keeps the business relationship alive.

Businesses that partner together go through ups and downs in their relationship. Sometimes there is more demand for a particular good or service than at other times, and during the downtime, it is easy for a business to forget about your services or to forget about the quality of what you can do for them. Therefore, it is important to keep the business relationship alive by sending a Sydney gift hamper, as a friendly reminder or an olive branch.

By sending one of our gift hampers Sydney at an appropriate special occasion, such as Christmas or Easter, a business can thank or reward another business within the framework of a public holiday and public traditions. Gift hampers are also great for marking work anniversaries, such as one year, two years or five years of working together.

3. A personalised hamper reflects personalised services.

At The Sweet Box, we pride ourselves on providing a personalised service. We produce personalised cookies Sydney businesses order to provide a personalised touch to the gift they are giving their business partners. If you provide Sydney gift hamper business The Sweet Box with information about what you would like to include in your gift hamper, we can create it so that it truly reflects the person you are gifting.

Through our experience, we have found that it is the personalised touch that really makes a difference between an indifferent gift and a well-received gift in a corporate setting. Many businesses are aware that corporate gifts may be given out to a large list of clients on special occasions such as Christmas but by personalising the gift, it becomes more meaningful because it shows you have put thought into it.

4. A personalised gift shows what your brand stands for.

By giving a personalised gift such as baby shower cookies or Christmas sugar cookies, a business suggests that it is willing to consider the needs, situation and concerns of an individual client, rather than providing generic solutions. In so doing, a business also demonstrates that it is all about human relationships, working closely with others, and putting in that extra bit of effort to make the client experience as pleasurable as possible. At The Sweet Box gift hamper business, we can even include the gift receiver’s company logo on the biscuit – that’s how much we believe in the power of personalisation.

5. Hampers set you apart from the competition.

It’s a highly competitive marketplace. A business needs a point of difference to stand out from the crowd. Your business may be competing with dozens of other Sydney businesses for a particular client, and that client will be looking for clues to figure out which business will be the best for them to go with. By demonstrating your brand values through hamper giving and through providing a personalised gift, you can help to establish yourself as their partner of choice. Hampers are especially good at making your business memorable.

6. Hampers are the perfect way to reward referrals.

The current marketplace is highly competitive and as such, there is value in businesses who are not directly competing working together to aid each other’s growth. It is not uncommon for accountants and mortgage brokers to set up a referral relationship, whereby one business refers their customers to the other business. This also happens with make-up artists and hairdressers, photographers and graphic designers, plumbers and electricians, general practitioners and medical specialists – the list goes on.

A personalised gift hamper is the perfect corporate gift Sydney businesses can give to say thanks for a significant referral, or for an ongoing referral relationship. This is particularly true when the relationship is one-sided, with the flow of clients only going one way.

7. Hampers reassure a new client they’ve made the right choice.

Buyer’s remorse is a well-documented psychological phenomenon. It refers to regret at having made a purchase. When a client signs on with your business to provide goods and services, they may well be experiencing buyer’s remorse – and not because you’ve done anything wrong. Just because that is how the mind works.

One way of reassuring a client that you care about them and that they are in good hands is to provide them with a custom gift hamper. If they have already put pen on paper there will clearly be no incentive, except to say thanks to them for their custom. It will create good feelings that will remove remorse and sustain the relationship.

8. Hampers boost staff morale when big projects are completed.

Don’t forget your own staff or colleagues! After putting in the hard yards and delivering on a big ongoing project, it can be easy for staff to feel that their efforts have not been recognised. A gift hamper is one way to meaningfully recognise their contribution. It shows that you value the work they do, that you realise they’ve been working hard or working overtime, and that you care about their well-being.

Rewarding your staff when they deserve it will create a happier, more productive workforce, that in turn cares about your business’s success. Gift hampers Sydney can also be appropriate for staff with partners at home or children, who they have had to spend time away from – a hamper can be personalised to include cookies that are baby-themed or bombonieres for weddings!

9. Gift hampers can retain important customers.

A majority of a business’s earnings come from a top tier of clients or customers, who are most loyally committed to the business. A popularly quoted figure states that four fifths of revenue actually comes from the top fifth of clients.

For this reason, it is particularly important to demonstrate your value to these especially loyal and longstanding clients. If every effort is not made to retain these clients, a business can find itself with less revenue and the need to re-establish new relationships – which is always harder than maintaining existing ones.

A gift makes logical sense for these long-standing clients – not only to encourage them to stay on, but in genuine recognition of their commitment to you. It’s a good feeling to have that loyalty recognised and rewarded, rather than taken for granted!

10. Gift hampers are in good taste, unlike some other gifts.

In recent years we have seen a lot of cynicism surrounding the giving of gifts that has come to light during high-profile scandals. Whatever perspective you take, these incidents and similar ones indicate that the public and the media are very alert to the possibilities of bribery and foul play. Certain gifts are deemed inappropriate and it can be hard to know where the line is drawn between an appropriate gift and a gift given as a bribe.

Gift hampers avoid the drama and are a safe choice of gift. Not only are gift hampers from a reputable company like The Sweet Box affordable, but they are also associated with longstanding traditions – especially during public holidays, events and anniversaries.

Furthermore, the goods within a hamper can be divided up among the whole of the receiving business, which makes them not targeted to influential individuals. The question of bad taste simply never arises with a gift hamper. A hamper is always in good taste and always professional.

11. Giving hampers can increase brand awareness.

Clients and customers within any given industry talk to each other about who they contract to complete their services or provide their goods. Clients are keen to share their stories whether they have had good or bad experiences, and prospective clients who are looking to contract a new business for a particular service are keen to lap up this information and will ask all possible questions to determine what the right choice is. People have more confidence in a business that their colleagues have tried and tested already and are therefore very eager to hear recommendations.

By providing a gift hamper Sydney on suitable occasions, you establish the values of your brand, personalise your business and give it a human touch, and create a whole heap of positive feelings in the recipient. As such, you give yourself every possible chance of receiving a positive word of mouth recommendation that lands you new clients in the future.

12. Gift hampers take the stress out of gift-giving.

Trying to figure out a new and appropriate gift every time can be stressful, but gift hampers Sydney takes the stress out of gift-giving decision making, as it provides a dependable gift every time.

If you engage a boutique gift hamper curator, like The Sweet Box, you not only don’t have to worry about organising it yourself, but you ensure a high-quality product that the gift recipient will love. You won’t have to take time out of your busy schedule shopping for items and sourcing them from different locations, then arranging them into a well-presented package. A professional gift hamper business like The Sweet Box can do that for you!

How to arrange the perfect corporate hamper in Sydney

The best gift hamper Sydney has to offer always include food, for the simple reason that everyone loves food. It’s a gift that will definitely be used!

The Sweet Box specialises in personalised cookies, custom cookies, bombonieres for weddings, baby shower cookies, Christmas sugar cookies and more. On top of that we have on hand a wide range of other gifts, goods and items that, together with our beautiful cookies, can make up the perfect gift package. We’d be thrilled to work with you and to arrange the inclusion of items that are tailored to your client or colleagues.

At The Sweet Box, we are experts in producing hampers Sydney siders choose for the perfect corporate or personal gift. Whether you are looking to give a gift to family, friends, work colleagues or clients, one of our custom-made, personalised gift hampers could be the perfect choice.

Contact us today on 1300 052 073 or email info@thesweetbox.com.au to learn more about how easy it is to give the perfect corporate gift with The Sweet Box. We’d love to hear from you!

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