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What is a self care gift hamper?

self care gift hamper

What is a self care gift hamper?

Everyone has heard of a gift hamper, but have you heard of a self care hamper? This emerging gift is gaining popularity and becoming an increasingly common option for people looking to give a personalised gift with meaning.

A self care hamper is a type of gift hamper that presents a mix of items to help you or the recipient relax, unwind, and feel better. When you give someone a self care hamper, you are acknowledging that they have done it tough and are giving them the validation to take care of themselves through the luxury assortment of comfort items contained in the Sydney hamper.

A self care hamper will help you or the person you’re giving it to de-stress and practise mindfulness. Beyond how nice the items inside of it, the very act of giving a gift hamper is a celebration of friendship, a recognition of worth, and a licence to enjoy oneself, whether it be for an evening, a few nights, or over the weekend.

What is contained in a self care hamper?

A self care gift hamper many contain many different types of items, but a few items are more common than others. They’re the ones that really let whichever lucky individual receives the gift to recharge and reset.

At The Sweet Box, here are a few of the special gifts we include in our self care hampers for women or men:

  • There’s nothing quite like a hot cup of tea to help you take a moment to process things, focus on your breathing and let yourself relax. Some gift hampers might even contain a pretty or dainty teacup and saucer so you can fully immerse yourself in the experience.
  • Sugar cookies, custom cookies, or Personalised cookies Sydney. Sometimes a delicious treat can really help us to regulate our emotions and to look out for our own wellbeing.
  • Bath oil. A hot bath is a sure way to reduce stress and put yourself first. We provide bath oils and body oils to help you relax with a pleasant scent and smell.
  • Putting on a candle not only spreads a lovely scent such as vanilla, sandalwood, or coconut and lime, it also spreads a calming, flickering light around the room.
  • Face Mask. We use Peggy Sue Face Masks with a brush so that the lucky people with our gift hampers can take care of their skin and enjoy a little “me time”.
  • A bouquet of flowers. Nothing says thank you or “I appreciate you” better than flowers. Flowers are a celebration of positive energy and help us to feel inspired and happy, so they’re a logical inclusion in a gift hamper Sydney.

There are all sorts of hampers so have a browse online and find a hamper that’s right for you, be it a self care hamper with candles, or a hamper with food, or even a hamper that encourages relaxation through a spa hamper experience.

When is the right time to give a self care gift hamper?

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to affect the mental health and wellbeing of a lot of Australians, now is the perfect time to give a self care gift hamper.

Here are a few other occasions when it might be a good idea to provide a self-care kit or hamper to help someone feel better and be happier:

  • On a person’s birthday, for Christmas or even as alternative Easter gift, Mother’s Day gift, or Father’s Day gift.
  • They love is unwell or has passed away.
  • When someone has recently moved house.
  • Gone through a relationship break-up.
  • Has been covering someone else’s shifts at work and is finding it stressful.
  • Lost employment due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • When someone has been in lockdown for a long period.
  • Has started a new job.
  • When going through financial difficulty.
  • Whenever you sense that your friend, loved one, mum or dad is stressed.

It is also a good idea to treat yourself now and then. If you are one of those people who puts others first, it can be helpful to step back from that habit now and then to dedicate some time to yourself and your own relaxation.

A self care hamper is a type of self care package that nourishes your mind, body, and soul. Online hamper customers often buy them to help themselves recharge. TLC, R&R, whatever you call it, we should all be doing more of it!

Can I add a personalised greeting to my gift hamper?

A quality gift hamper Sydney, be it a gift hamper for women that helps with self care for women or a gift hamper for men such as a hamper for dad or a hamper for boyfriend, will help whoever gets it feel the love.

The meaning of the gift can be enhanced when you include a personalised greeting card with your gift hamper present. The best Sydney gift hamper companies will offer this service, so make sure to check out their website to ensure your message of love, respect and well wishes can really get across.

More about The Sweet Box

The Sweet Box is Sydney’s leading boutique gift hampers Sydney with a particular passion for creating beautiful and delicious custom cookies. We put care and effort into every single order to ensure you end up with a product that can satisfy your needs. All our cookies like Christmas cookies, treats, gift hampers and desserts are individually crafted and made to order so they are uniquely handmade and delicious to eat.

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