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What Are The Best Ways To Personalise A Gift Hamper?

gift hamper

What Are The Best Ways To Personalise A Gift Hamper?

When it comes to birthday gifts, wedding gifts and anniversary gifts, stylised gift hampers have been a popular item for quite some time. Not only are gift hampers an affordable gifting idea, but they can provide a range of exciting and rewarding items to the gift receiver. In more recent years, people have also begun to personalise their gift hampers to present a more meaningful and thoughtful offering overall.

If you are yet to indulge in a gift hamper for your acquaintances, there’s never been a better time to do so. There are so many reasons why gift hampers are the best type of present for friends, family and colleagues.

Few of the reasons we love gift hampers:

  • They are an affordable gift, with options to suit all budgets
  • Gift hampers are an exciting gift for the gift receiver to open
  • A gift hamper is the perfect way to combine a range of small and enjoyable gifts into one neat and stylish package
  • They are easy to transport and store while at an event or celebration
  • There are several types of gift hampers to choose from, including food hampers, drink hampers, custom cookie hampers, bath hampers, and special event hampers
  • When packaged and designed with style, a gift hamper can look larger and more expensive than individually wrapped gifts
  • These are available both online and in-store from a range of retailers
  • These are appropriate for a wide range of gifting situations, including as corporate gifts, wedding gifts, birthday gifts, baby shower gifts, and more
  • Gift hampers can be personalised to suit the gift receiver

As noted in the final point, gift hampers can be tailored and personalised to ensure they are appropriate and well-suited to the gift receiver. This means the Sydney gift hamper can be truly meaningful to the gift receiver and they will be able to genuinely enjoy and appreciate all the little gifts within.

If you aren’t familiar with custom gift hampers and the many ways you can personalise a hamper to make it more meaningful, our team of gift hamper experts have collated a short list of ways you can fully personalise a gift hamper to suit any unique individual.


1. Ensure your Sydney gift hamper has been designed to match the occasion or event.

At The Sweet Box, we regularly receive orders for a specific event, celebration or occasion. It’s important that your gift hamper or personalised sugar cookies match the occasion so the gift receiver knows you have purchased their gift thoughtfully. It also rules out any chances that you are re-gifting or re-purposing an old item of your own.

There are a range of different events or reasons you may gifting a gift hamper: baby shower, wedding, birthday, religious celebration, corporate gifting, engagement, graduation, Christmas, holidays, New Year, Halloween, or otherwise. Regardless of what the exact event is, a themed gift hamper will always have a greater impact than a random gift hamper.

2. Think about the hobbies, interests and likes of your gift receiver.

To make a gift hamper more meaningful to a gift receiver and demonstrate the fact that you understand the gift receiver and their personal taste, you should personalise the items of the basket or box so they suit the person. Personalised gift hampers are important, because they show that you went to more effort than merely picking a hamper off a shelf at random. It also shows that you know your friend or family member well and can choose appropriate gifts accordingly.

When researching and brainstorming products to go inside your gift hamper, some of the questions you might like to ask yourself include:
  • Does this person like to do on the weekends?
  • What does this person like to eat?
  • Is this person have allergies, preferences or dislikes?
  • How does this person spend their leisure time?
  • Would this person prefer feminine or masculine products?
  • Are there certain brands that this person is known to like?

Once you have answers to these questions, you can start to build a list of products that can be included in the gift hamper. While there is no right or wrong when it comes to building a gift hamper, we recommend choosing a minimum of four items to go in the basket or box.  This will ensure your gift receiver has plenty of little gifts to open, and it will help the hamper look full and comprehensive.

3. Personalise your gift hamper with premium brands and products.

The best gift hampers Sydney will contain a range of luxury brands and premium goods that offer genuine practicality and quality to the gift receiver. As all the best gift hamper creators and designers know, quality is always more important than quantity. Sometimes it is better to spend a little more on a gift hamper to ensure you are getting premium, useable items inside the packaging or basket.

When you purchase a gift hamper from a big department store or shopping mall, it’s likely that the products inside the hamper will be low quality and cheaply made. This won’t be enjoyable for your gift receiver if they can’t enjoy the foods or products, and it will reflect poorly on how you perceive your friend and the value you’re willing to provide them. If you purchase your gift hamper through a boutique dessert store or locally owned gift hamper company, it is far more likely that you will obtain a quality gift hamper filled with luxury items and reliable brands.

4. Know that gift hampers don’t have to be all food or all non-perishable items.

Mix it up! As we have mentioned above, we recommend choosing a minimum of four items to go in a gift basket or gift box. Your gift hamper can have a combination of any products and items, so don’t limit yourself to only including food or drink.

If purchasing for a special occasion, it is important to tailor the gift hamper to suit that theme. For example, a baby shower gift hamper should have baby-related toys and items or spa gifts for the mum-to-be. On the other hand, a wedding gift hamper could have homewares, food items or gift vouchers. If you are giving the gift hamper at random and not for a special occasion, you might like to think up your own theme for hamper. Why not try a gardening hamper, spa hamper or arts and crafts hamper?

5. Get inspiration from a range of online gift stores

If you are struggling for ideas about what to include in your personalised gift hamper, start browsing online gift hamper stores to see what items they regularly incorporate into their baskets and boxes. This can help you get inspiration for what to include in the hamper, as well as how you want to package it. Some people may package their hampers in baskets and boxes, whereas others will get creative with terracotta pots, metal buckets or wooden serving trays.

At The Sweet Box, some of the common products that are packaged into our gift hampers include: candles, personalised cookies, tea, mugs and homewares, bath salts, chocolate, vouchers, personalised gift message, wine or beer, stationery, lollies, gardening tools, spa accessories, technological devices, coffee, custom cookies and crafts goods, fruit, jams, and more.

6. Purchase your gift hamper from a boutique gift shop who can customise the hamper for you.

Because customised gift hampers Sydney are rising in popularity, many small businesses are now choosing to offer personalisation with their gift hamper products. Local and family-owned businesses, like The Sweet Box, can work closely with customers to understand their unique desires and craft a product that meets their needs entirely.

Talk to your gift providing company to learn about whether they offer customisation to match your exact requests. Every business is different, so some may let you ‘add something extra’ at the checkout to grow the gift basket, whereas others will allow you to personally select and create your hamper from scratch.

7. Write a thoughtful and meaningful message to go alongside your gift.

The ultimate key to personalising a gift is to write a thoughtful and impactful message to be send with the hamper. Writing messages in cards can be challenging for many people, but a carefully curated message can mean the world to the person receiving it. All you need to do is commit some time towards crafting a genuine, heart-felt message. When writing your personalised gift message, always take the following measures:

  • Mention their name at the start of the gift card, and your name at the end
  • Keep it concise and clear
  • If sending to a family member or close friend, be sure to tell them that you love them
  • Make reference to a joke or memory that will bring joy to the gift receiver
  • Be yourself and speak from the heart

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t come up with the best words initially. Take some time to think about your best experiences and memories with the person, and ensure your genuine feelings are represented well in the final card.

8. Have your gift delivered at the moment it matters the most.

The final way to personalise a gift hamper or custom sugar cookie Sydney is to have the gift delivered at a time when it matters most. If you are gifting a birthday hamper, ensure it will be delivered by yourself.. If you are gifting a good luck hamper, you should aim to have the hamper delivered a day earlier than the big event.

Delivery of gift hamper

Check with your gift providing company that they can definitely deliver on your specified date (especially important if you need delivery after hours or on a weekend) and request that you be notified when the delivery is complete. When a gift hamper is received late, it will have less meaning to person receiving it.

We offers a range of gift hampers Sydney and custom sugar cookies, appropriate for gifting friends and family during special occasions. Our creations can be personalised by our team to ensure that they suit the styling and theme of your occasion.

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What the sweet box do?

You can also browse our website to learn more about The Sweet Box products and services. As a family owned and operated Australian business, we put our heart and soul into not only making sure that our creations look beautiful, but also taste delicious. Our custom cookies, treats and desserts are individually crafted and made to order to ensure the upmost quality. If you have any questions about our custom sugar cookies, feel free to contact our friendly dessert specialist team via our website.

We are currently taking custom sugar cookie orders in advance, so if you would like to place an order, don’t hesitate to contact our team as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can browse our online shop to see our latest personalised cookie creations. We look forward to hearing from you!

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