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The Ultimate Guide to Father’s Day Gift Hampers

Fathers Day Gift Hampers

The Ultimate Guide to Father’s Day Gift Hampers

It’s getting on that time again. Even though we’re a few months off, fathers day gift hampers isn’t far around the corner. September 5 2021 is creeping up and soon it will be time to start thinking about Father’s Day gifts. Depending on your relationship and how many interests and hobbies your father has, picking gifts for dad isn’t always the easiest thing in the world – particularly because so many of us are leading such a busy life nowadays. It can be hard to find the time to track down a gift that really means something, which isn’t just wasted money spent on something your parent will never use.

Gift hampers are more traditionally thought of as a Mother’s Day gift and it even may be more natural to picture them as an anniversary gift hamper, a birthday gift hamper, a work gift hamper, a baby shower, gift hampers Sydney, or a bridal shower gift hamper. But there’s something lovely about a Father’s Day gift hamper too. The team at The Sweet Box have put together a guide on getting a gift hamper for Father’s Day, that covers off all the key points you’ll need to think about to make sure it is a success. Even though many dads would never admit it, a well thought out gift for dad can make his day and make him proud.

Include Consumable Items

How many bottles of aftershave has your father received before? How many Tech or Trade vouchers? Might it be time to spice it up? Like many other gift recipients, some fathers don’t help out as they are not forthcoming with gift ideas and so it is left to the imagination as to what you should purchase. There is the ever-present fear that you will buy something that will end up spending its days on a shelf, completely untouched.

One way to get around that is to include a consumable item in your gift hampers Sydney. Items that can be consumed or used that would normally be a part of someone’s daily routine or occasional leisure are much more likely to be appreciated, than items which a person has to go out of their way to enjoy or even take advantage of. For example, if you buy a guidebook to a particular area, your dad will need to go there to appreciate it. But if you bought a voucher at the auto shop which he frequents, then he’ll be likely to use it and appreciate the gift.

Food is the pinnacle when it comes to consumable items, and what better food is there than cookies? Here at The Sweet Box we have a long history of baking and creating cookies for happy clients. We have in the past produced bombonieres for weddings, personalised cookies Sydney, Christmas sugar cookies, baby shower cookies, custom cookies and more – to keep the sweet teeth of Sydney Siders satisfied and the happy, gift-giving relationships of the community healthy and well.

It’s not all steak and beer as per the gender stereotypes. Men have a sweet tooth as well and there’s something particularly awesome about personalised cookies in a special shape of something your dad loves. He’ll almost not want to eat it! For example, if your dad played the guitar or bass or drums for a band, you could choose to include music-themed custom cookies that are shaped like treble clefs, music notes, microphones or cassettes.

Think About His Habits

When putting together a gift hamper or ordering one from a professional gift hamper Sydney company, make sure you consider what your Dad really likes. This may be something that you know already, it could be something you ask his good friends or your mum, or it could even be something you could try to bring up with him – for example, by asking how he’s been spending his free time lately.

Equipped with the knowledge about what it is that he has been enjoying of late, you can then incorporate this knowledge into your gift hamper build. For example, if he has been enjoying golf you could get him a voucher to a golf store where he can then purchase his own clubs, or if he has been enjoying his craft beers then you might be able to do your own research or ask at a boutique bottle shop about a beer that is similar to those he has been enjoying.

Here are a few possible things you may be able to include in a Sydney gift hamper or which you might want to ask a gift hampers Sydney company to include for you. Many companies are flexible and are willing to customise their orders for you, so ask first and shop around to find a company that suits your needs.

  • Car and automotive store voucher.
  • Sporting item or voucher for any sports he plays.
  • Craft beer or his favourite wine or spirits.
  • A CD that he doesn’t have by his favourite band.
  • A set of socks with a theme he would like.
  • A collection of BBQ sources or herb mixes.
  • A book about a politician, sports player or history.
  • Personalised cookies Sydney.

This is just scratching the surface of the possible things which you could include in the gift hamper. It may also pay to talk to a custom gift hamper maker if you are going down this path, as they will be able to advise you on what you could include. In their role, they often provide this sort of advice and make gift hampers every day, so they are well aware of all the possible things which you may wish to include.

Brainstorming Ideas

Naturally, it can be easier said than done to think up ideas of what to include, so you may benefit from undertaking some research. Talk to mum about what dad likes, or to any of his close friends who he spends his time with. You could also consider looking on his Facebook page to see what he has been sharing or liking. Remember back to old conversations you’ve had and think about things he was really passionate about or which he said he needed.

If he is passionate about a particular issue such as conservation or poverty, then you could consider including a donation gift as part of your gift hampers Sydney. These are increasingly popular as a gift for people who are passionate about their values and they enable the tradition of gift giving to make a positive difference in the world. Naturally, they will not be for everyone – some Dads would prefer a voucher to spend on a practical task they have coming up.

It is generally a safe move though to include items which your dad will enjoy, as many people do not make enough effort to take care of themselves and look after their well-being. By including delicious, personalised cookies, you encourage the recipient to take a moment to really enjoy themselves. In so doing you may be helping them more than you realise!

Consider Themed Hampers Sydney

There’s a difference between hampers Sydney and a basket that is full of a random assortment of items. What that really boils down to is whether or not it is themed and made into a nice presentable package. This is true of all hampers, but custom cookies can be a great way of creating theming. This is something we have seen again and again when including in our hampers Sydney, personalised cookies, Christmas sugar cookies, baby shower cookies, bombonieres for weddings and the like.

All of the items included will have a larger overall impact if they are somehow related to each other. That may be in terms of what they are, or it may be in terms of how they look. Certainly, it can be easier said than done to create a nice package that fits together into one coherent whole.

This is especially where a professional gift hampers business can step in and produce a nice themed fathers day gift hampers for you. Many businesses that do it every day will have ideas up their sleeve and they are also highly skilled at presentation. First impressions are everything.

Consider Your Budget

Because gift hampers Sydney are by nature a collection of gifts and not just one gift, there is an inherent risk that the budget will blow out of proportion. For this reason, it is highly important to consider how much you are willing to spend in advance, and then looking at this amount and determining how to best break it down to get the best bang for your buck.

Doing it alone can certainly save you money compared to the prices that some fathers day gift hampers Sydney businesses charge, however there are a lot of associated costs with going DIY that may not at first be obvious. Time is money for one thing, so taking the time to organise a hamper yourself will eat into your money-making opportunities! Then there is the basket, filler, contents, cellophane and all of the materials and utensils that go into making it presentable such as ribbons.

Certain companies are better than others so it may pay to get in touch with a few to ask about their prices. Always make sure to also ask about costs like postage that may or may not be included in the original quote.

Consider Your Delivery Timeframes

We’ve deliberately published this a little before Father’s Day because we know how much these special occasions can sneak up. We have helped many customers to arrange last-minute gifts before, but it is best for everyone to be prepared in advance. That way you will have less stress in the lead up to the date when you deliver your hamper for dad.

It will be up to you to decide what the best mode of delivery is. If your dad is working, then you may wish to have it delivered to his work if this is possible. Naturally, it will not be possible for all jobs such as if he is a postman.

If it is not possible to deliver it to his work, you may consider asking your gift hamper company to deliver it to his home address. Depending on the company, you may be able to arrange it to arrive on Father’s Day itself, which is certainly the best option.

The other alternative is to have it delivered to yourself in advance, and to then deliver it to your father in person on Father’s Day.

The Sweet Box Are Here To Help

Around this time of year and also around your father’s birthday whenever that may be, many people find themselves asking all sorts of questions. These may be: what is a good gift for your dad? What is the best gift for father’s day? What should I get my dad for cheap? What do dads like as gifts?

The team at The Sweet Box are here to help you answer those questions. We can help you with Father’s Day gift delivery, Father’s Day hamper ideas, Father’s Day gifts Australia, a fathers day gift hampers, gift boxes for Father’s Day and more.

This is not the only special occasion that we specialise in. If you browse other parts of our website, you will see that we can also produce bombonieres for weddings, personalised cookies, Christmas sugar cookies, baby shower cookies, and custom cookies in general.

Our hampers Sydney may also be appropriate for our special occasions that you have coming up. We can produce Mother’s Day gift hampers Sydney, baby shower gift hampers, baby shower custom cookies, a birthday gift hamper, christmas sugar cookies, a corporate present, graduation cookies, religious gift hampers, a wedding gift hamper, an engagement gift hamper, and more. The sky is the limit when working with The Sweet Box.

To learn more about what we can do for you this Father’s Day or for another special occasion, reach out on 1300 052 073 or email us at info@thesweetbox.com.au.

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