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Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Bombonieres and Wedding Favours


Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Bombonieres and Wedding Favours

The wedding bells are ringing, the event planners are bustling, love is well and truly in the air, and happy guests are ready to lap up unique and memorable wedding favours. Wedding season is approaching, and there’s no denying that wedding favours are taking the event planning industry by storm! Couples are now placing more emphasis on bombonieres for weddings than ever before.

Most people reading this would have already attended a wedding in recent years and been gifted a bomboniere, however if you haven’t heard of wedding favours, you might be wondering what they actually are. Allow us to quickly explain so you can get up to scratch.

A bomboniere is a gift given from hosts to their guests on special occasions such as weddings. It is a way to demonstrate appreciation, as well as being a unique keepsake that will help guests remember your special day.

In some cultures around the world, bombonieres have been a long standing practice at weddings, and small gifts are expected to be given. Recently, the concept of wedding favours has spread all around the world, and more and more couples are choosing to hand out bombonieres at their wedding reception. Wedding bombonieres and wedding favours are trending topics in the event planning industry!

There is no limit to what you can provide your guests as a wedding favour. Depending on your budget, wedding style, and the unique traits that make up your relationship, you may choose any type of wedding favour for your special day. It could be as simple as a cute little box of jelly beans for every guest to take home, or as detailed and refined as a personalised gift hamper Sydney for every attendee.

Some of the most popular types of wedding favours and bombonieres include: personalised sugar cookies, wedding gift hampers, gift baskets, small dessert gifts, sugared almonds, personalised lolly treats, and tailor-made chocolate gifts. Browsing wedding favour ideas and choosing your bomboniere style can often bring as much joy to yourself as receiving the gift brings to guests.


Why might you want wedding bombonieres on your big day?

For those of you who are new to the idea of wedding favours, you might be wondering what their purpose is and why it is necessary to have them at your wedding. After all, you’re already providing guests with free food and drink – so why do they need something else, right?

Well, there are many reasons why couples decide to provide favours on their wedding day. Some are practical reasons, while others are formed on compassionate grounds. Below are just a few reasons you may consider gifting your guests.

1.They are a great way to thank guests for their attendance

Attending a wedding isn’t always easy – some of your guests may have needed to purchase expensive flights to get to your wedding location, and others may have needed to buy a new outfit to meet the dress code. Giving a wedding favour is a way to say thank you for your guest’s efforts and commitment towards attending one of the most important occasions in your life.

2. Tit for tat

Many of your guests will give you a wedding gift or contribute towards a honeymoon fund. Providing them with a wedding favour shows that you are thankful for their present or contribution. It is a considerate and appreciative gesture, and your guests will be grateful for it.

3. Wedding bombonieres can act as part of the table decorations

If you personalise your wedding bombonieres to match the styling of your event, they can become an additional decoration feature. Some couples choose to spread their wedding favours out along the dining tables, while others elect a designated table to hold the favours so guests can pick up their gift upon departure.

4. You can use wedding bombonieres as table settings or place cards

Wedding favours can serve more than one purpose! If you personalise each gift to feature names of guests, they can act as table settings at the reception. Guests will be able to find their seat by searching for their very own personalised dessert gift or sugar cookie. You can discuss this possibility with The Sweet Box team, as we specialise in customised wedding bombonieres.

5. Food gifts can be a replacement for dessert

If you are trying to save money for your wedding, dessert bombonieres may be a way to effectively reduce costs. The food gift can be in replacement of an expensive dessert course or dessert table. Many couples find that their guests don’t need a proper dessert meal after having other main courses, so a food bomboniere gives them the option to eat now or enjoy later.

6. Help guests reminisce on your special occasion

Most guests will take their wedding favour home and (if it is an edible gift) consume it after the event has concluded. The take-home present will serve as a reminder of the fun and excitement that was shared on the wedding day, and it will allow your guests to experience the joys long after they have ended.

7. There is more to thank them for than just their attendance

Realistically, the people who are attending your wedding have probably been part of your life for many years. These family members, friends, and acquaintances have supported you and your partner through the best and worst times of your life. Although small, a wedding favour can contain a wealth of meaning and significance.


Our tips for the best wedding bombonieres

Each wedding is unique, and there should be no cause for competition. However, in the busy wedding season, some people attend a different wedding each week, so comparisons are naturally made between each one. If you want your wedding favours to stand out among the crowd and be admired by your guests, there are a few tips you should adhere by.

  1. Keep it simple and small.

Going ‘over the top’ with your wedding favours might detract from other special elements of your wedding. Although it is important and considerate to provide wedding bombonieres, they don’t necessarily need to be the highlight of the day. Large and complex gifts may appear desperate or tacky. Therefore, we recommend keeping your gifts simple and small. This will ensure that guests can easily take them home and they won’t become a nuisance. Smaller gifts are also likely to be more affordable and won’t break the budget for your wedding day. Sugar cookie gifts are an example of a simple product that is still cute and memorable, despite being small.

  1. Make personalised favours and bombonieres.

The best wedding favours are personalised and tailor-made for the occasion. You might like to personalise your bomboniere with writing and colours. Sugar cookies are easy to personalise because you can select your own words and colours to feature on the cookies. With gift hampers, you might like to have a specifically coloured wrapping and ribbon, or a personalised name tag and card.

  1. Get your wedding bombonieres delivered early to avoid chaos and stress.

Unless you are using fresh goods with short expiration dates as part of your wedding bomboniere, we recommend having the favours produced and delivered in the week leading up to your big day, rather than on the day itself. By having them delivered early, they will be one less thing to stress about, and you can think about where you might like to position them in the venue in advance. It also provides an opportunity for you to see the quality of the bombonieres and have words with the company if they aren’t up to the desired standard.


What are you forgetting?

When arranging wedding bombonieres, there are a few things you might be forgetting. As experienced dessert giftcurators, we have seen many couples make these mistakes on their big day, and it has erupted a world of drama. With so many other things to organise and coordinate for your wedding, we don’t blame you for forgetting some crucial factors relating to your bombonieres.

First of all, you need to consider if any of your guests have dietary requirements. Guests with a vegan or vegetarian diet may feel insulted if you present them with food that contains animal products. Generally, dessert treats are free from animal products, but it is best to check with your wedding bomboniere business to be sure.

Additionally, you need to ensure that no guests will be receiving a product that contains foods they are allergic to. If someone has a very serious and strong allergy, such as a nut or specific fruit allergy, it might be necessary to eliminate this product from all of the wedding gifts. You don’t want them to accidentally take home somebody else’s bomboniere and be struck with an allergic reaction. The best wedding favour businesses will be able to tailor their dessert gifts so that it meets all your dietary requirements.

Another consideration before you order and purchase your wedding bombonieres is whether they are a suitable and practice size for guests. A large bomboniere may struggle to fit on the table, and it could be a nuisance while guests are eating or conversing amongst one another. Also, most guests only bring a small purse (or nothing at all) to a wedding, so the gift should be able to fit in a small handbag to take home. If the wedding gift is going to be too cumbersome, it might present more as a difficultly than a favour. This is one of the reasons why personalised sugar cookies are becoming one of the most popular wedding favours.

Lastly, it is important that your wedding favours match the other styling choices for your event. Although favours are just a small feature of your big day, they could be enough to ruin the aesthetic of the venue if they have a contrasting and conflicting colour scheme. You should decide upon the design and style of your other event decorations before selecting and designing your bombonieres. Popular wedding bomboniere companies in Sydney, including The Sweet Box, will allow for personalisation to your wedding favours, so you can tailor the gift to match your other décor. This will also allow guests to better reflect and remember the event, as the matching colours and words will help to trigger their memory.


Where can you get wedding bombonieres in Sydney?

For many couples, the question isn’t whether they will get wedding bombonieres for their guests. The question is where they will purchase them! With so many wedding bomboniere ideas and wedding favour businesses in Australia, making a decision can be confusing.

Although many businesses are starting to offer wedding favours and bombonieres as one of their products or services, it is important that you only work with experienced companies who are guaranteed to produce high quality gifts that enhance (not destroy) the aesthetic of your wedding.

At The Sweet Box, we are proud to make some of the best wedding bombonieres in Sydney. We specialise in boutique dessert gifts for special occasions, so you can rest assured that your personalised handout or table filler will be made with upmost quality. Plus, we can personalise every order to meet your unique desires and requirements. There are no limits to what we can produce for you!

One of our best-selling items is our personalised cookies Sydney which are an edible take-home gift that is scrummy, soft and sweet. These adorable delectable treats can be customised to suit weddings, baby showers, corporate events, birthdays, christenings, and any other special occasions that you may be preparing for. Because we are a small and boutique wedding favour company in Sydney, we can offer the best service and care for each client – ensuring you are 100% happy with your order.

If you are interested in our personalised cookies, dessert gifts, or gift hampers, you can browse our online shop or get in contact with one of our friendly team members today. Visit our website to find out more and drop us a line.

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