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We make sure that our sugar cookies don’t just look the part – their taste is exceptionally good too.

Custom Cookies For An Event In Sydney


Custom Cookies For An Event In Sydney

The Sweet Box is continually working on fresh, exciting ideas for gift hampers and custom cookies. We aren’t satisfied to produce ordinary, everyday cookies. We’d rather bake something delicious and personal that relates to your event and creates lasting memories.

Our cookies are cut and embossed using custom-made cookie stencils, which we design and have made up by our local business partners. Then, in the expert hands of our resident cookie specialists, these make for picture-perfect cookies with crisp, clean embossing and a precise edge. In the hard, coloured icing, there’s inscribed lines, raised lines, and potentially even other features like sprinkles.

Sorry, we’re probably making you hungry!

 Custom cookies for a business event in Sydney

The team at The Sweet Box are passionate about working with businesses to craft tailor-made cookies that bear a personal message, in shapes reflecting your specific industry sector.

In the past, we’ve made syringe shaped cookies for a cosmetic company, bras for a clothing shop, and many, many other types of cookies for businesses around Sydney. Our cookies can even include your very only logo, as we’ve done before for the Salvation Army and many other clients.

We’re talking about the past here, but we’re even more excited about the future. The possibilities for customer cookies and hampers Sydney are endless. Here’s just a few of them from the top of our mind:

  • Maybe you work as a soccer coach, and your club has an anniversary. Why not get soccer ball cookies?
  • Maybe you sell snow-sports equipment – how about a snowboard shaped cookie?
  • Maybe you sell make-up; perhaps a lip-stick shaped cookie would work?
  • If you own a lighting shop or are an electrician, a light bulb cookie sounds awesome!
  • Perhaps you’ve just launched a new brand logo – what better way to communicate that to the world than through a custom-made cookie? How can your customers help but pay attention!

We actually have a whole section of our website dedicated to cookies for business – Corporate Cookies.

If you have a business event coming up, such as a farewell to a colleague, a Christmas party, a going away party, a new staff induction, a celebration of business success, or an anniversary, we’d love to hear what you’re after.

The more time the merrier. Then we have ample opportunity to perfect your design and plenty of time to let you know just how and if we can bring your ideas to life. We can even deliver our cookies to you, sparing you the trouble of collection. It’s contactless, easy, and – just as importantly – delicious.

Custom cookies for a personal event in Sydney

Isn’t the calendar just jam-packed? Even before you consider your individual schedule, there’s already a whole heap of special events on the radar. Easter, Christmas cookies for Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween, Valentine’s Day – the list goes on.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one year, there’s also all of those special, one-off events with the people who are closest to you. Birthdays, weddings, engagements, baby showers, births, bridal showers, baptisms, graduations… We’re just getting started.

During COVID-19 times, we have even seen new types of experiences emerge, such as having to isolate. This has increased our need for self-care. Many people are very vulnerable during this time.

Wouldn’t it be magical if there was a cookie for each and every occasion?

Our mission at The Sweet Box is to ensure that there is a custom cookie for every single occasion in your life. That way, when you are looking to provide a gift – out of love, to express gratitude, because you have to, or just because you want to – then it’s straightforward and guaranteed to have its intended effect of pleasing those you love.

We go even further than that. Many of our custom cookies can be customised to include a person’s name. We actually have a section of our website dedicated to this very thing! Check out the ‘Design your own cookie’ section.

We might be able to put your partner’s name, your parent or relative’s name, your colleague’s name, a couple’s names, your dog’s name – any name for that matter – on our cookies. Just have a browse, or contact us to find out more about how we can help.

Whether it’s bombonieres for weddings, gift hampers Sydney, Christmas sugar cookies, baby shower cookies, The Sweet Box is your perfect partner in crime.

The Sweet Box difference – what makes us special?

By providing custom cookies, personalised cookies and gift hampers that are a cut above the competition, we can make that experience oh-so memorable for the special person you’re gifting to. And if that person is yourself – all the better!

So, what exactly does the Sweet Box do differently? Our focus on quality is what really sets us apart. Our custom cookies for event are custom-made. Every. Single. One! There’s care and craft in each bite. They’re personalised and we encourage and support customisation.

In case that wasn’t enough, do you know that we also offer our cookies as part of Sydney gift hampers? That’s right! Our gift hampers are another distinguishing feature of The Sweet Box. Like our cookies, we’ve created gift hampers for many specific occasions.

This includes our Christmas hampers, isolation hampers, wedding gift hampers, and self care hampers. By maintaining such a wide range, we are able to act decisively in getting streamlined delicious cookies and splendid gift hampers to you sooner. With so many choices, you can find something for your specific event or occasion.

You don’t get that with a regular cookie, which is a circular shape, without a pattern. Our cookies have shapes, colours and inscriptions that give them character and flair. Everything within the gift hamper is carefully matched with the cookies to create a holistic bundle of bliss. Just check out our hamper range.

If you’re ready for delicious personalised cookies or gift hampers Sydney, check out The Sweet Box on Facebook, Instagram or by browsing our website, or contact us on 1300 052 073 or info@thesweetbox.com.au

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