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A Guide To Christmas Gifting In 2020

christmas gifting

A Guide To Christmas Gifting In 2020

The festive season is such a busy time of year, it’s easy to forget all the little bits and bobs. To help you out a little, we’ve made a list of all the major Christmas gifting ideas that you need to buy as the year rapidly draws to a close. We recommend making a list of all the people you need to buy for (our list below will help with this). You should cross-check the list with your loved ones to be sure you don’t miss anyone.

1. Christmas gifts for family.

If you’re lucky, your family will be doing some sort of Secret Santa or Kris Kringle. Members of the family are randomly assigned a person to whom they give a gift. This means you only have to gift one relative, rather than purchasing gifts for each individual. If you only have one family member to gift, arrange a personalised Christmas gift hamper for them. Find a Christmas hamper that is high quality and not containing stock-standard cheap elements of a hamper from a big department store. It will also reduce the likelihood that somebody else in the family buys the same gift as you!

2. Christmas gifts for colleagues


Buying gifts for your employees or team members can be challenging because the gift needs to be professional and sophisticated. It also needs to be a standard gift across the company to ensure nobody is being singled out and getting an unfairly better gift. Your budget will make an enormous impact as to what you can buy for your employees or colleagues. If you have a small budget per person, you might like to consider personalised fondant cookies. Cookies are often used as graduation cookies, baby shower cookies, bombonieres for weddings, engagement cookies or birthday cookies. You might like to customise the Christmas cookies by have each employees name written on the fondant. You might also like to have a friendly message like ‘Happy Christmas’ or ‘Great work this year’ printed onto the custom cookie.

3. Christmas gifts for friends.

In some ways, friends can be the most challenging people to buy for over the Christmas period. Your friends are supposed to be the people you understand and know the most, which means a meaningful and thoughtful present is essential. But, what are you supposed to buy for the people that already have everything? A gift idea that will never go out of fashion is a Christmas gift hamper. At The Sweet Box, we take care to wrap and present our Christmas gift hampers in the most sophisticated manner, so your friends will definitely be impressed.

4. Christmas gifts for neighbours.

Gift giving is a common trend among suburban streets and people who have good relationships with their neighbours. Personalised cookies have been rising in popularity over the past few years. If you want to surprise your neighbours and make a statement, you can purchase affordable bulk cookies from The Sweet Box, meaning you’ll have enough to give the whole street or neighbourhood.

5. New Year gifts for event attendees or event hosts.

The gift buying doesn’t end once Christmas is done. If you are attending a New Year’s event at a family or friends’ household, it is a respectful and kind gesture to give them a gift as a thank you for hosting the occasion. A custom sugar cookie Sydney or gift hamper is a no-fuss gift that will be much appreciated by the event hosts. You might like to surprise guests by giving them personalised cookies in appreciation of their attendance. Personalised sugar cookies are also a great addition to a grazing platter.


Top tips for purchasing Christmas gifts in 2020

Although we all love receiving Christmas gifts, very few people actually enjoy the long-winded process of searching and buying Christmas gifts for their loved ones. The shopping ordeal can often end up being difficult, expensive, exhausting and confusing. As boutique Sydney gift hamper curators, we understand the pressure of Christmas gifting, but we also know that there doesn’t need to be so much stress involved. Discover how enjoyable and easy Christmas gifting idea can really be.

1. Know your budget before you start looking for gifts.

The festive season always seems to be expensive – but it doesn’t need to be. Here are some fantastic budget Christmas gifts that will suit people who are trying to save money. Christmas custom cookies are a great present, because they are affordable but still meaningful and thoughtful. Most important gift you can give someone is your time, so focus more on quality socializing than physical gifts.

2. Write a list of all the people you need to purchase gifts for, and brainstorm what to buy them.

Planning is essential for a quick and easy Christmas shopping experience! We recommend writing a list of all the people you need to purchase gifts for, and then pre-decided what gift you will buy them before heading to the shops. Browsing and researching online may help you decide what presents need to be bought for your family and friends. Get your partner or somebody close to you to look over your list of giftees to make sure you haven’t accidentally left anybody off the list.

3. Limit your time spent in shopping complexes.

Because of the covid-19, it is important that you limit your time spent in shopping centres and physical stores as much as possible. You will reduce your time spent browsing and ensure you can get the shopping list ticked off quick-smart. An even better idea is to complete your shopping online. At The Sweet Box, we offer online custom cookie, so you can complete all your Christmas gifting in the safety of your own home.

4. Focus on food gifts above all else this year.

We can’t think of a single person we know that doesn’t love cookies and chocolate. Instead of getting shoved into a cupboard where they won’t be seen ever again. Everyone needs to eat, so it makes sense to gift food!

5. Shop at small businesses and support local when doing your shopping.

2020 has been a very challenging year for small businesses across Australia, which is why it’s so important that you shop local and support these family owned and operated brands when you can. If you are wanting to purchase Sydney gift hampers, be sure to buy from a boutique brand than a big department store, as this will help them recover from the poor economic impacts that occurred earlier in the year. Not only will this make you feel good, but it will give you something to discuss with your giftee and it will allow them to feel as if they’re making a positive impact too.

6. Get prepared ahead of schedule.

There is no better feeling than when your Christmas shopping is complete and you can finally relax. This year, try to get your shopping for Christmas gifting done as early as possible. As a result, you can spend more time soaking up the fun of Christmas. Getting prepared early will also ensure that you can place your orders in time. Certain gifts need to be handmade from scratch or delivered to your door.


What’s the most popular Christmas gifting ideas for 2020?

Like most years prior, hampers are the way to go when gifting your loved ones. A quality Christmas gifting combines a range of products together. It allows your gift receiver to open up a delightfully neat and comprehensive box of luxury.

At The Sweet Box, we have introduced a new range of Christmas sugar cookies this year. We have tried to incorporate a diverse range of boutique  goods that will suit a broad range of gift receivers.

Some of the major companies we are partnering with to create our Sydney gift hampers include T2 and Haus of Scents. In some of the luxury boxes, you can expect handmade cookies, fragrant candles, and other surprising treats. Many of our Christmas gift hampers have a feminine touch, so they are perfect for Christmas gifting to your female loved ones. Male gift receivers may prefer one of our more dessert-based hampers, or some personalised sugar cookies.

Why choose the sweet box?

Just some of the reasons you should choose The Sweet Box for your Christmas gift hampers include:

  • Superior quality and products
  • Outstanding and highly sophisticated gift wrapping
  • Great customer service from our team
  • Support a local gift hamper Sydney business
  • Take advantage of our competitive prices
  • Choose from a range of products, including gift hampers and custom cookies
  • Ability to order online through our website

Are you convinced yet?! If you would like learn more about our Christmas gift hamper range, feel free to contact our friendly team. You can call on 1300 910 453 or email us to info@thesweetbox.com.au today. If you’re in dilemma of the events to give cookies? please watch those events that you need custom cookies. We are looking forward to making your cookie dreams a sweet reality!

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