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7 Top Gift Ideas For A Baby Shower

baby shower gift ideas

7 Top Gift Ideas For A Baby Shower

When a new baby is on the way, it can be an extremely exciting time for all the family and friends involved. If you’ve been invited to a baby shower event, you are most likely feeling thrilled about the occasion but also experiencing some feelings of anxiety and pressure regarding what presents and gifts you should be offering to the growing family.

There’s no need to feel any concern or worry about what gifts you might present to the expecting mother and father. Once you conduct some online research and acquire some unique ideas and inspiration for baby shower gifts and gift hampers Sydney, it will become much clearer as to what the perfect gift choices are. At the end of the day, most families are grateful to receive any gift, so long as it is thoughtful and relevant. Below are just seven modern gift ideas appropriate for baby shower events.

1. A spa gift hamper for the mother-to-be.

You can’t go wrong with a gift hamper, and a spa-themed gift box or gift basket is most certainly guaranteed to put a smile on the face of the gift receiver. When most people offer gifts at a baby shower, they generally think about gifts for the baby rather than the mother. Considering the mother is experiencing so much change, they deserve some love too! To help the mother through this somewhat stressful time, you can offer them vouchers to attend a local spa or relaxing bath products that they can use in their own home. Think bath salts, body wash, shower sponges, nail polish, facial creams, bubble bath, and more.

2. Custom sugar cookies for the baby shower event.

Baby shower cookies are a fantastic idea for the baby shower celebration. Custom sugar cookies can serve a wide range of purposes on the baby shower day, including being a prize for the winner of any baby shower games, being a table filler for any grazing platters or dessert platters, being a take-home bonbonniere for all guests, or simply being a gift to the mother-to-be. Personalised cookies Sydney are super cute because they can have a tailored message specifically for the occasion. They are both tasty and fun.

3. A gift voucher for the new parents.

Gift vouchers are an ideal present to give new parents. A voucher can help them cover the financial costs associated with a new child, and allow them to splurge when they conduct some of their baby-related shopping. Alternatively, a fun gift voucher for an experience (such as a movie gift voucher or restaurant voucher) will help them relax and rejuvenate as they prepare for a new baby.

4. A bottle of champagne or drink of choice for the mother-to-be.

Gifting a bottle of champagne to a pregnant mother might seem like an unusual or insensitive gift considering most mothers choose not to drink during the pregnancy. However, it can be thoughtful if you explain that the drink is something for them to look forward to once the birth and breastfeeding phases are finished. If you’re not sure about whether the gift will be received well, you might prefer to gift a non-alcoholic equivalent drink. Drinks can often be presented in a stylish way as part of a food and beverage gift hamper.

5. A premium gift hamper.

Gift hampers Sydney are a fantastic gift for baby showers because they can demonstrate how much you value the mother-to-be. Because gift hampers often contain a range of smaller gifts, they are highly appropriate for ‘showering’ someone and showing them how much you care. Premium gift hampers can be found from a variety of companies online and in-store, but it’s important that you personalise your gift hamper to ensure it is appropriate for the specific occasion and gift receiver.

6. A practical service gift.

Instead of offering a physical gift, many baby shower guests are now choosing to offer their services to the expecting family. This is a perfect idea for families who have already purchased everything they need and don’t want to be overwhelmed with products that they don’t have room to store. Some of the services you might like to offer the mother and father are: cleaning their cars, cleaning their house, painting the new nursery, building or constructing their new baby furniture, or making them a homecooked meal.

7. Standard baby products and gift ideas.

If you want to gift items that are definitely going to be valued and used, you might want to consider purchasing baby products and baby items for the expecting mother. Baby clothes, baby bedding and blankets, baby furniture, baby cutlery, changing tables, baby safety devices, and baby toiletry products are just some items you might want to consider.


How to make the perfect baby shower gift hamper?

If you have chosen to gift a baby shower hamper to your friend or family member, you might then be curious about what are the best items to include in your hamper. When it comes to filling a gift hamper, there is no right or wrong answers. As long as you are purchasing premium brand products that will be safe and practical for the expecting family, you can’t go wrong.

We recommend personalising your baby shower gift hamper as much as possible, which will involve thinking deeply about your gift receiver’s interests and values and incorporating this into the hamper. To ensure every gift can be valuable to your gift receiver, only purchase items from well-known and trusted brands. Boutique gift hamper businesses can often help you create a luxury hamper to suit your needs.

To help you construct and fill your gift hamper, the team at The Sweet Box has listed just a few items that you might like to consider including in your box or basket.

Custom sugar cookies:

The best gift hampers Sydney almost always include some sort of food. To personalise your gift hamper and offer a unique, handmade product, we recommend having custom cookies baked and packaged in the hamper. Personalised cookies are delicious to eat, and they can also present a tailored message as a kind and thoughtful gesture to the gift receiver. Custom sugar cookies Sydney are often cheaper when bought in bulk, so you might prefer to purchase a handful and also hand them out to guests attending the baby shower celebration.

Baby clothes gift ideas:

New parents will appreciate a gift of baby clothes because they are bound to go through plenty of apparel once their young new family member starts wearing them. If you know that other baby shower guests will be gifting clothes, you might want to gift clothes that are a slightly larger size and therefore more appropriate when the baby grows older. This can save the parents any financial hassle in the future.

Toys for the new baby:

Every bub deserves to be spoilt with toys. Soft toys, like teddy bears and plush items, are often most appropriate for toddlers because they are safer and more durable. Toys are great items to put into a gift hamper because they are affordable products that can fill out the hamper and consume all empty space. Before purchasing any toys, you might benefit from talking to other baby shower guests and seeing if they have purchased anything similar. It’s better to check beforehand than accidentally gift identical products!

Bath and spa products, like bath salts, bubble bath, shower sponges, body wash:

When many people purchase baby shower gifts, they often think about the baby on the way but forget about the expecting mother and what she may be experiencing during this time. As the mother-to-be nears the end of her pregnancy, it is likely she will be feeling as if she needs some relaxation and rejuvenation time. Including bath and spa products in your baby shower gift hamper will help her find comfort during the final months of pregnancy as she waits to welcome a child into the family.

Journal and stationery:

Many new parents like to keep a special journal or diary that helps them remember and document the iconic moments of their child’s younger years. The journal can then be used to reflect when the child grows older, and it’s an important keepsake holding treasured memories. To help your expecting parents document this exciting time in their lives, you can gift them a new baby journal and some complementing stationery.

Standard young family staples:

There are a range of products that need to be purchased by expecting parents. If you already know what the family has bought, you can help them out by finishing off their shopping list and including these baby items in your baby shower hamper. Some key baby products you might think about include pacifier clips, baby monitoring camera, nappy change table or changing mat, thermometer, bedding and baby blankets, nappies, educational books, water bottles, clothes, and more.


Although homewares might seem like a gift that’s more appropriate for wedding and also be a suitable gift idea for expecting parents. When a baby is on the way, many families either need to upsize or adjust their existing home to make way for the new child. Some old furniture and household items will need to be removed and disposed of if they aren’t safe and suitable for the baby. Therefore, they will need to replace such items with child-safe products. Gifting new homewares will help the expecting parents with this process or provide them with new goods should anything break while the new baby starts to explore and play in the house.

Gift vouchers:

As an add-on value to your baby shower gift hamper, you might like to include some gift vouchers for the soon-to-be parents. Depending on how they like to spend their time, you will be able to find a gift voucher that offers value to them. If you can’t think of any ideas, you might want to consider a restaurant voucher, travel voucher or shopping voucher. Each of these vouchers could be used to help cover costs of the new child or treat the new parents to a holiday or night out.

A gift card message:

All gift hampers should have a gift card or gift message attached to them. It’s important that you take some time to produce a thoughtful and considerate message for the gift receiver. Even a concise message can make a world of difference and demonstrate that you genuinely care about them and wish the best for their future.

Rather than creating a DIY gift hamper on their own accord, many people are now acquiring the services of gift hamper companies Sydney. Boutique gift hamper curators have specialist knowledge in gift wrapping and gift hamper design, so they can bring together a meaningful and valuable hamper to suit your needs. When ordering through a boutique gift hamper business, always order ahead of time to ensure the company can meet your timeframe.

Whom we are?

To ensure your gift hamper Sydney is as meaningful and thoughtful as possible, we recommend crafting a personalised gift hamper as a one of the added item to your gift ideas. If you can show that you have put significant time and thought into the gift hamper, it will make the gift receiver extra thankful for your efforts. Speak to your gift hamper company to understand your gift ideas and design a gift box.

At The Sweet Box, we are experts in custom sugar cookies Sydney, baked gifts and treats, and gift hampers Sydney. Our team of experienced bakers regularly create personalised cookies and baby shower gift hampers for our clients. If you have gift ideas in mind that you would like The Sweet Box to assist with, you can contact our team today.

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