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20 Uses For Gift Hampers That You’ve Never Thought Of

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20 Uses For Gift Hampers That You’ve Never Thought Of

Fondant cookies with personalised messages have become extraordinarily popular over the past twelve months. As you may have seen on Instagram of Pinterest, there are hundreds of situations where personalised gift boxes and custom sugar cookies are appropriate, and people are becoming more and more creative with where to use or gift sugar cookies to friends and family.

At the Sweet Box, we specialise in gift hampers and bulk sugar cookie orders. We are known for creating personalised gift boxes and sugar cookies that not only look beautiful, but they also taste fantastic. We get orders from a wide range of different people, and for a range of different purposes. To help you get some sugar cookie inspiration and think about why you might like to order a batch of custom sugar cookies, we’ve compiled a list of 20 unique ways to use custom sugar cookies. Keep reading to get those creative juices flowing!

1. To celebrate the New Year.

As we mentioned in a recent blog post about sending gifts throughout the New Year period, dessert gift hampers Sydney and personalised cookies Sydney are a great way to reign in the New Year. You might like to gift custom sugar cookies to friends or family who have been particularly helpful throughout the previous year, or who you expect will be great friends in the upcoming year. With dessert curation specialists, like The Sweet Box, you can order bulk sugar cookies with a personalised message like “Happy New Year” or “Thank You”

2. To thank your neighbours for being great.

Some neighbours really are the bee’s knees! They keep an eye on your property while you’re away, they make sure your pets are safe while you’re at work, and they don’t mind if you leave your bins out on the road when the garbage truck has already gone. If you have awesome neighbours who look after your property or pets while you are away on holiday (or do other awesome-neighbour things), there’s no better way to thank them than with a personalised gifts or hampers Sydney. Sending this simple and thoughtful gift will also encourage them to continue helping you and supporting you in any way possible. It’s the perfect way to keep in their good books and ensure a positive long-term relationship.

3. To fill a grazing table or dessert platter.

When hosting an event and providing a grazing table or dessert platter, it can sometimes be challenging to know what to fill the platter/table with! Adorable custom sugar cookies are a great plate filler because they can aesthetically match the rest of your platter while also being a tasty treat that guests will love to devour. The best part is that many sugar cookies can be personalised to show a specific message, number or letter that matches the purpose of your event.

At The Sweet Box, we can tailor your fondant cookies to say whatever you would like them to say. If you’re hosting a birthday party, you might like to have your age printed onto the fondant, or if you are hosting a baby shower, you might like to have the expected due date printed onto the fondant. The options are limitless, and we can also work closely with you to design a custom cookie fondant colour that will match and complement the styling you’ve already chosen for your event.

4. To support a charitable cause.

Custom sugar cookies are perfect to be used in a non-for-profit setting. If you are hosting a charity event, handing out sugar cookies is a smart and sweet way to thank guests for dropping by and supporting your cause. You might like to mix them into a goodie bag or thank you bag, or they can be passed out by volunteers as people enter the event venue. Alternatively, you can sell sugar cookies or personalised gift hampers at a stall with all profits going toward the charity. Either way, having the charity’s colours wrapped around the gift box will definitely make the people involved with your organisation smile.

5. To motivate your staff and colleagues.

Personalised sugar cookies are a fun way to show gratitude towards your employees and encourage them to continue working hard. At The Sweet Box, we have worked with several businesses to design and bake custom sugar cookies Sydney for their staff. Many of these clients like to get the sugar cookies ahead of time, get to the office early one day, and then place the sugar cookies all over their employees’ desks. When your colleagues see the gift, they will instantly feel as if their hard work is being recognised and they will feel inspired to keep delivering awesome work for your brand. As an extra special gift for a momentous occasion, you can even order a personalised gift hamper.

6. To provide a surprise for losers of a game.

When children and teenagers participate in a game or sporting match, it can be very disappointing for them to lose and not receive a winner’s prize. Custom sugar cookies are the perfect way to make all children feel important and ensure that everyone who participated can leave with a prize of some sort. Personalised sugar cookies are an affordable, tasty and simple way to spread the love amongst everyone! The winners can receive a larger prize, such as a gift box or hamper.

7. To send alongside an invitation.

If you want your event invitation to be extra special and memorable your guests, you can send a personalised sugar cookie alongside the invite or in the invitation envelope. This is a great idea to start getting your guests excited for the event and encourage them to RSVP as soon as possible. Some people are choosing to use custom cookies as wedding bonbonnieres and wedding favours, so sending the gift early with the invite will provide a feel-good moment for your guests.

8. To immerse your children/family in the art of baking.

Sugar cookies and dessert boxes can be made by anyone with a passion for cooking – which means you can try to bake them at home with your children. Baking is a good activity to help your children build their time management and fine motor skills. They can also use their numeracy and literacy skills when they write a personalised message or number on the cookies. If you want to avoid flour and sugar being splattered across your kitchen, you can order professionally baked sugar cookies through The Sweet Box.

9. To show your support for someone who is going through a tough time.

If a friend, family member or colleague is going through a difficult time (such as getting diagnosed with an illness or having a family emergency), you might like to surprise them with a custom gift hamper. While this is only a small gift, it can still mean a lot to someone if they know they’ve been in your thoughts.

10. To fill a piñata at your next birthday party.

Instead of filling your pinata with cheap and tacky lollies, you can fill it with stylish custom-made cookies. This is especially appropriate for adult parties where the guests will definitely be more impressed by handmade baked goods than a bunch of old-school lollies. At The Sweet Box, you can request that our team wrap each individual cookie separately so they can stay clean and free from germs while they are in the pinata.  The only problem is that some cookies might crumble when they get smacked around and eventually fall onto the ground.

11. To excite your team before a sports match.

Social sporting games can get heated, so it’s important that you have some tasty tucker to wind down with once the match is over. If your sporting team has specific guernsey colours, we can bake personalised sugar cookies that perfectly match your crew’s style. One of the best things about custom sugar cookies is that they don’t need to be refrigerated or kept in any special way. This means you can easily bring them along to events or celebrations.

12. To use as finger food at a picnic.

Catering for picnics can be difficult – especially during Summer when food is likely to go funny if left in the sun for too long. Fondant cookies are a cost-effective finger food item to bring along to a picnic or day at the beach. They have few allergens, so they are appropriate for most diet types (however you should always check with The Sweet Box prior to ordering if you have specific dietary requirements for your event), and they are a simple dessert food that can be enjoyed by everyone. If you want to keep costs low while satisfying even the fussiest eaters, order custom sugar cookies Sydney in advance!

13. To use in a scavenger hunt game.

Whether you’re hosting a kid’s party and wanting to keep the children entertained, or organising a hen’s night and want to keep guests on their toes, gift hampers Sydney and custom sugar cookies are a fun inclusion for any type of scavenger hunt. You can either have guests searching for the sugar cookies themselves, or you can gift sugar cookies to the winner of the game.

14. To treat your favourite furry friends.

As you might see when researching online, some pet brands and pet shops are now creating custom pet cookies for dogs. Your beloved furry friend will love a delicious dog biscuit from their favourite owner!

15. To support local businesses.

Many of the dessert artists and bakers who craft personalised cookies from scratch are running a small, family-owned business. As a result, by purchasing one of their delicious dessert treats or hampers, you can know that you are doing your part for the economy and supporting a locally owned and operated company. The Sweet Box is an example of a local business who is helping create joy in the community with tailored gift hampers Sydney and fun customised sugar cookies.

16. To create a positive and memorable atmosphere at a religious event.

Religious events, such as communions or baptisms, are a wonderful time for the community to come together and celebrate/acknowledge an important moment. After a religious event, there is often time for the guests to socialise and spend quality time together over food and drink. To personalise your event and make each guest feel special, you may like to have personalised sugar cookies available at the food table.

17. To celebrate a graduation or major achievement.

Graduation parties are important to celebrate the accomplishment of the person who has just graduated. If you have a friend or family member who is about to graduate from their schooling or educational course, why not throw them a small surprise party with customised sugar cookies? At The Sweet Box, we can design tailored graduation cookies in the shape of graduation hats to make your event extra special.

18. To create a lively atmosphere at your baby shower.

baby shower cookies Sydney, Baby shower gifts, baby shower bombonieres, and baby shower cookies are a must-have at your next baby shower. As well as, one of our most popular sugar cookies is our ‘Oh Baby’ sugar cookie, which is regularly ordered by our mums-to-be. Understandably, most mums want to save as much money as possible before the birth of their child, and fondant cookies are an affordable way to thank guests for their attendance without breaking the bank.

19. To thank guests at your wedding or engagement party.

Everybody loves a creative bombonieres for weddings! For your wedding or engagement party, be sure to order personalised gift boxes that your guests can either use on the day or take home as a reminder of the wonderful time they had.

20. To use an excuse for eating cookies!

Finally, there are no limits as to when you can use custom sugar cookies. At The Sweet Box, we believe that every event should have dessert treats and delectable cookies. In addition to it, if you want to browse our full range of custom sugar cookies Sydney or talk to The Sweet Box team about our unique dessert gift hampers Sydney, visit our website, Instagram or Facebook page for more updates .

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