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13 Reasons To Get Custom Sugar Cookies For Christmas

christmas sugar cookies

13 Reasons To Get Custom Sugar Cookies For Christmas

It might seem too early in the year to be thinking about Christmas, but at The Sweet Box, we think it’s never too soon to start dreaming of presents, fun, family affairs, and christmas sugar cookies! In fact, as food lovers, Christmas is one of our favourite times of the year.

Considering we are in the final months leading up to Christmas Day and the festive season, our team have outlined 13 reasons why sugar cookies are a must-buy this year. We think you’ll be convinced (and maybe even drooling a little) by the end of this blog article!

1. Personalised cookies Sydney are great stocking fillers.

Parents are always on the hunt for new and exciting toys or treats to put in their children’s Christmas stockings. Sugar cookies are quickly becoming a popular stocking filler among Australian parents, with many sharing their personalised cookies Sydney designs online. Although these sweet treats can be made in your own home, dessert curators like The Sweet Box can craft the cookies delicately and precisely to order. When you leave the hard work to us, you won’t have to be stressing about burnt cookies and sloppy icing on Christmas Eve.

To make the sugar cookies extra special, we recommend having your children’s names custom printed onto the frosting. This will be sure to surprise your kids, make them feel lucky, and it might even stop their siblings from stealing their unique cookie.

2. Sugar cookies are a simple snack to enjoy between Christmas lunch and Christmas dinner.

Many of us are lucky to have large families, and those who have mixed families and different sides of the family to visit on Christmas Day may need to attend multiple events – breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Even with all these meals, you can get hungry in between – especially when you have to drive long distances between events, or when your cousin was stealing all the good stuff at the lunch buffet. If you need a sweet treat between each Christmas Day event, some custom sugar cookies may be exactly what you need.

On the other hand, those of us who have small families might have to wait all day until the big event at dinnertime. Some delicious custom desserts will help you get through the day until your big night-time feast.

3. Christmas sugar cookies are the perfect gift for someone that has everything.

There’s always somebody in the family that is impossible to buy for. If you select their name from the Secret Santa pool, or they’re a close relative that you need to buy a gift for, personalised sugar cookies may be the best possible solution. Because sugar cookies can be customised to your needs, you might like to have a meaningful/appropriate quote or icon printed onto them. That way, they will think it is a really thoughtful gift.

(P.S. We don’t mind if you lie and say that you baked our sugar cookies all by yourself!)

4. Santa and his reindeers will love some meaningful cookies to munch on.

If your children usually put some plain milk and standard cookies out on the porch on Christmas Eve, you might like to get creative this year. Personalised sugar cookies can be created to have any wording/detail/imagery that you desire. At The Sweet Box, we make all orders from scratch, so you and your children can decide what message you would like to have written on the sugar cookies to be left out for Santa. If you think that Santa is bringing presents, not coal, then you might want to have ‘Thank You!’ stamped onto the custom cookies. We guarantee that Santa and his hard-working reindeers will be appreciative when they see the extra delicious treat that has been left out for them.

5. Christmas sugar cookies are one of the most affordable Christmas gifts.

When you have a big family to buy for, or you’re experiencing financial hardship, the festive season can be particularly harsh on the bank account figures. Personalised fondant cookies are a simple and thoughtful gift for your friends and family, and they won’t destroy your budget. At The Sweet Box, we are proud to offer affordable sugar cookies that look divine and taste delicious. You can get in touch with our team for a free quote, and to discuss what ideas you have for your personalised cookies.

6. Fondant cookies are a great way to express your gratitude to someone.

If someone you love has been particularly good to you throughout the year, Christmas sugar cookies are a perfect way to show your love and thankfulness. Although small and simple, a branded cookie with a meaningful message can have a large impact on the person you gift it to.

Some of the most popular words and messages that our clients request to be printed on their sugar cookies include: Thank You, I Love You, or #1. However, the options for your personalised cookies are endless. When you work with our team to have your cookies baked from scratch, you can request to have a message of your choice printed onto the cookie icing.

7. Christmas sugar cookies can be an addition to a gift hamper.

Gift hampers are the best gifts to give at Christmas time. As many of us would agree, the festive season is all about relaxing, eating, and having fun. Hampers combine all the newest and greatest products into one simple gift basket, often incorporate the best food and tools for a Summer of rejuvenation. If the gift hamper you are giving to your friend or relative looks a little bit like a skeleton, be sure to fill it will some meaningful and tasty custom sugar cookies.

8. Christmas Day dessert is solved with custom sugar cookies.

Everyone who hosts Christmas Day events at their house knows that dessert is the most difficult course of the meal. Not only do dietary requirements and fussy eaters make dessert difficult, but sometimes the main meal is so filling that the guests can hardly fathom the idea of dessert. Thankfully, Christmas sugar cookies solve this issue.

Since personalised fondant cookies rose to popularity, many event hosts have chosen to give sugar cookies out for dessert, rather than having an official sit-down pudding or cake. Sugar cookies don’t create any mess, so they don’t add to the dishes that need to be cleaned, and because they are a light dessert option, they can still be enjoyed by people will full stomachs. In our opinion, custom sugar cookies are a no-fuss dessert option, meaning you can spend your Christmas Day socialising and laughing with family, rather than worrying about the melting ice-cream or stale chocolate pudding.

In the case that you have guests with specific dietary requirements or allergies, we recommend that you contact our team to learn about our ingredients. We would be happy to discuss ways of working around the allergy or preference so that our famous sugar cookies can be enjoyed at your event with no dramas.

9. Sugar cookies are a totally appropriate Christmas gift in the corporate workspace.

Bosses and business owners often struggle to find a bulk gift that can easily be handed out to their employees and be suitable for every individual. The good news is that everyone loves cookies, so personalised fondant biscuits are a great solution for corporate gifting.

At The Sweet Box, we specialise in corporate orders, so you can guarantee that we will craft a high-quality bunch of biscuits for your team. Some words you may like to consider having printed on your sugar cookies include: Thanks For Your Work, Merry Christmas, or Happy Festive Season.

10. Fondant cookies are a long-lasting food item that can be enjoyed long after Christmas Day.

If your guests and gift receivers don’t wish to eat their custom cookies on Christmas Day, they can easily take their dessert home to be enjoyed at a later date. Cookies have long expiry dates, so the deliciousness and joy can be experienced well into the festive holiday season.

11. Sugar cookies are a great prize idea for your Christmas Day games.

Who doesn’t love a Christmas Day game? Whether you plan on hosting a backyard cricket tournament, Christmas trivia, or craft contest, you will need a prize ready for the lucky winners. Our personalised cookies can have branded icing saying ‘Winner’ to give to your talented champion. Plus, if you are feeling extra cheeky, you might like to get ‘Loser’ cookies baked for everyone in the family who didn’t win!

12. Custom cookies are a creative way to organise your table sitting arrangement.

Experienced Christmas hosts know that you should never position in-laws together at the table, nor should you let snotty kids sit with the adults! Neglecting seating arrangements is a recipe for disaster. However, an ugly or boring table setting with name tags can get some bad attention. Instead of aggressively bossing your family around and directing them to their position, we recommend using custom sugar cookies as part of your table setting.

You can order bulk sugar cookies through The Sweet Box and have each cookie branded with a guest’s name. Our team can also handmake the icing to ensure it matches the colour theme of your venue and decorations. Before your relatives start to arrive for Christmas lunch, you can purposefully place each named cookie on your table so every guest knows where to sit. There’s no way they can be mad about their sitting arrangement when they’ve received a delicious custom cookie!

13. Personalised cookies are a definite way to impress your guests.

As we have discussed, Christmas sugar cookies can have many uses during the festive season: a gift for friends or family, a prize for games, a handout at a festive event, a table decoration, or a stocking filler. They are one of the most artistic and innovative ideas for Christmas in 2020, plus, at The Sweet Box, we wrap every sugar cookie with prime ribbon and packaging so the entire piece looks premium and high-grade. Even your fussy and judgemental Aunt will be impressed by the effort and creativity involved with your custom sugar cookies!

Alternatively, if you have the budget to spare and want to go the extra mile to satisfy your guests and make your loved ones smile, you can order from a range of dessert gift hampers to offer as a Christmas gift, prize or giveaway. Our gift hampers Sydney range in price, with a variety of options to choose from depending on the likes of your gift receiver. Browse our website to see more of our gift hamper options.


What is The Sweet Box?

The Sweet Box is a boutique dessert business, crafting personalised sweet treats and hampers Sydney for special occasions. We can create sugar cookies and gift hampers Sydney for a wide range of events, businesses, and purposes.

Every product from The Sweet Box is handmade and made to order, which is why all of our dessert gifts can be customised to your particular needs. As we are based out of Sydney, we can deliver our unique custom cookies and gift hampers to the Sydney metro area.

There is no limit to what we can do for you! While our custom cookies are undeniably one of our most popular products, our experience in the dessert gift industry has allowed us to become specialists in a range of different areas:

  • Personalised cookies Sydney
  • Bombonieres for weddings
  • Gift hampers Sydney
  • Christmas sugar cookies
  • Baby shower cookies
  • Dessert bombonieres for events
  • Corporate bombonieres for functions
  • Father’s Day and Mother’s Day sugar cookies

To see more of our sugar cookie varieties, gift hamper Sydney products and dessert creations, visit our online custom cookie shop. If you would like to contact our team to make an order, ask any questions, or brainstorm ideas for your personalised cookies, you can get in touch by phoning 1300 910 453 or emailing info@thesweetbox.com.au.

We are eager to hear from you and make your sweet dreams a tasty reality!

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