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10 Events That You Need Custom Sugar Cookies For


10 Events That You Need Custom Sugar Cookies For

Gift giving and event planning are two of the most difficult tasks we are faced with in modern society. Gift giving is difficult because, as a society of committed consumers, most people already have everything they need! While you may desperately want to make a loved one happy by surprising them with a special and memorable present like custom sugar cookies, it is always exceedingly tricky to think of something new to give them. Equally, event planning is challenging because the art of impressing guests is becoming more and more difficult.

Nowadays, gift giving and event planning are one in the same, as most event hosts choose to hand out small gifts to attendees during their events. Thankfully, there is a cute, sweet, and neat solution to all of these problems. Say hello to the trendiest dessert-style gift idea: custom-made sugar cookies.

You may have already heard about these adorable sugary treats, but if you are yet to discover them, be aware that personalised sugar cookies are stealing hearts of dessert lovers across the globe. Sometimes referred to as fondant cookies, custom cookies, personalised biscuits, edible cookie art, or frost sugar cookies, these popular dessert snacks make the perfect gift for event attendees or people that are impossible to buy for.

There’s a variety of occasions when custom fondant cookies are appropriate. In fact, our team has designed and created edible cookie art for hundreds of different types of events. Below, we’ve listed some excuses to buy personalised sugar cookies… however there are many more events and circumstances when a tasty treat is warranted too!

  1. Birthday gifts.

Custom-made sugar cookies are an ideal birthday gift idea or birthday party handout. The wording on your birthday cookies could be ‘Happy Birthday’, the person’s age, or a more personal message. If providing sugar biscuits as a gift to guests at a birthday celebration event, you can either spread the cookies out on a table where guests can take a biscuit as they please throughout the occasion, or they can be handed out as guests depart the venue. We recommend crafting and designing the cookies so the colours match the decorations at your birthday party event.

  1. Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is approaching rapidly in Australia, and we believe that personalised sugar cookies are a perfect Father’s Day gift. We’re fairly sure that every dad has a sweet tooth, after all. Simple phrases that you might like to have printed on your frost cookies include: ‘For Dad’, ‘Thanks Dad’ or ‘I love you Dad’. If you want to order Father’s Day sugar cookies in preparation for September 6, 2020, you can contact The Sweet Box team today.

  1. Mother’s Day.

You guessed it! If personalised cookies are considered a good gift idea for your dad, then they may also be a perfect gift to give your mother. We definitely don’t want mamma getting jealous! In Australia, the next Mother’s Day will be taking place on May 9, 2021.

  1. Wedding days.

bombonieres for weddings have become very popular in recent years. Newlyweds love to thank their guests for their attendance by providing some form of small gift at the event. Sugar cookies are one of the most popular types of wedding bonbonniere because they are small and easy for guests to carry. When made by a good Sydney dessert hamper company, they are also very delicious. Popular phrases that are commonly printed on personalised wedding sugar cookies include: date of the wedding day, names of the newlyweds, ‘Thank you’, ‘Love is in the air’, or a love heart symbol.

  1. Engagement parties.

Similar to bombonieres for weddings, engagement party gifts are a suitable way to show your appreciation to guests and people who have supported your relationship over the years. Custom engagement sugar cookies are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, and most couples choose to feature the treats on a dessert table at their event venue.

  1. Christmas gifts.

The Christmas festive season is the perfect excuse to indulge on delicious sugary desserts. If you are hosting or attending a Christmas gathering, you should arrange some Christmas sugar cookies to surprise and delight guests. Custom-made fondant cookies are a particularly good gift idea if you have a large family to cater for on Christmas Day. The scrummy cookies may be supplementary to your dessert course, or they can be a gift handout for all guests. The best Sydney cookie companies will be able to print a different name on each cookie, so every guest gets one for themselves!

  1. Employee gifts.

All successful business owners know that their loyal staff members are they key to their triumph. When your team has completed a project, won a job, or been applaudable employees, it is important that you reward them with a gift. Personalised cookies Sydney are a cheap, simple, and memorable gift to provide to your staff. You might want to consider printing words such as ‘Great work team’, ‘Top job’, ‘Thank you’, or ‘Keep working hard’.

  1. Corporate functions.

Because of their modern-nature and overall simplicity, custom-made sugar cookies are a professional and appropriate gift to hand out at corporate functions. You may like to have plain sugar cookies, business branded sugar cookies, or personalised sugar cookies with a meaningful quote or message. These corporate gifts for business functions can be given to guests when they enter the venue, used as table decorations, or provided with an information pack/bag.

  1. Industrial shows and events.

If you have a market stall or corner at an industry event, you may want to bring a stash of custom branded cookies that can be handed out to visitors and potential clients. A branded gift is a simple take-home for customers that will help them to remember your business and feel warmly towards your brand. If you want to add a subtle sales touch, you could even have your business number printed onto the cookie fondant.

  1. Baby showers.

Baby showers are one of the most popular occasions that personalised frost sugar cookies are purchased for. Because most guests attending a baby shower bring a gift of some sort to the mother-to-be, it makes sense that the expecting mother will return the favour with a small gift to friends and family. Typical words that are printed on baby shower cookies Sydney include: ‘Oh, baby’, ‘It’s a boy/girl’, or the due date of the child.

  1. New Year’s celebrations.

When hosting a New Year’s Eve event, it is important that you provide a solid amount of food to help guests wash all those beverages down. New Year sugar cookies make a great addition to a dessert platter and will be a memorable feature at your New Year’s party. In our humble opinion, a delicious crumbly cookie is the perfect way to welcome in the new year!

  1. Easter celebrations

Although Easter is traditionally known as a time to eat chocolate, we don’t see a problem in mixing up the sweet treats with some mouth-watering biscuits. Some of the adorable Easter sugar cookies we have seen feature an Easter egg, Easter bunny or ‘Happy Easter’ words printed onto the fondant. In 2021, Easter Sunday is set to take place on April 4.

  1. Valentine’s Day.

If your soulmate is a sweetheart, then they deserve all the sweetness they can get! Remember that sugar cookies are completely customisable, so you can select a colour and words/numbers that have specific meaning and significance to you and your partner. In Australia, Valentine’s Day is typically celebrated on February 14. If you want to impress your loved one and show how much you truly love them, be sure to order the best personalised sugar cookies in Sydney.

  1. Anniversary gifts.

Custom iced cookies are an endearing gift to give when celebrating an anniversary. You can either have one cookie baked for your partner, or you can purchase cookies in bulk for a larger scale gathering. The only problem is that the sugar cookies might look too cute to eat!

  1. Get well gifts.

A sweet and heartfelt gift can mean the world to someone who is ill or undergoing a tough period of their life. With sugar cookies, you can have an inspirational/motivational quote or meaningful message printed onto the frosting. Not only will it be a joy for the receiver to read, but they will also get to enjoy a delicious cookie (rumour says that sugar solves everything!).


Alternatives to custom sugar cookies

If you have already given sugar cookies to guests at an event before, or you want to offer a more substantial gift to attendees, you might want to try something different. There are a number of other dessert-type gifts that are just as admirable and adorable as custom frost cookies.  Some alternative dessert bombonieres and event gifts include:

  • Gift hampers Sydney
  • Dessert gift baskets
  • Personalised muffins and cupcakes
  • Custom-made engraved chocolate
  • Snack-size brownies
  • Hand-crafted cakes
  • Bite-sized tarts
  • Fruit baskets

When searching for dessert gifts in Sydney, most of the best personalised sugar cookie businesses will provide a wide range of other hamper options. Some companies will even work with you one-on-one to deliver tailored dessert gift products that meet your unique needs and desires. At The Sweet Box, we can work with you to find a solution that suits!

Regardless of what type of dessert gift you are planning to give guests and acquaintances, there are a few important things to remember. Firstly, when designing and curating your dessert treats, ensure that any dietary requirements of your guests are being considered and handled appropriately. Secondly, bear in mind that the wrapping of the sugar cookies or dessert snacks is just as essential as the look of the cookie itself (a poorly wrapped gift might look tacky and ruin the event aesthetic). Lastly, you should always work with experienced dessert gift companies that have a reputation for quality products. Choosing a reliable sugar cookie business in Sydney will ensure there are no mishaps or dramas with your custom cookie order.


A little bit of information about The Sweet Box…

When looking for personalised sugar cookies in Sydney, you don’t need to look any further than The Sweet Box. We are known and respected for producing some of the best sugar cookies to the Sydney region. In the past, we have baked detailed fondant biscuits for a range of small and large scale events, including: weddings, wedding showers, baby showers, engagement parties, birthday events, corporate functions, business events, galas, formal events, and festive occasions.

There is no limit to what we can produce for you! In addition to custom fondant cookies, we provide a range of hampers Sydney. We take a tailored and open-minded approach to each customer, so if you have a specific idea about a gift hamper or dessert basket that you would like made for your event, you can discuss this with our team and see what is possible.

Our team prides ourselves on crafting delicious custom cookies and desserts with a strong attention to detail. We always meet timeframes and have our treats delivered fresh and on-time to every event. Having designed and baked dessert treats for many years, we are confident in our trade and are ready to take on any project you may have in the pipeline. Event bonbonnieres and guest gifts are our specialty, so you can rest assured that we will create a quality product that will meet the standards of your event.

If you would like more information about our scrumptious products and services, you can browse our website for details. Otherwise, you are welcome to contact our friendly dessert curation team via our online form and contact page.

We can’t wait to start crafting and constructing your unique sugary treats!

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